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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Community Calling Regifting old smartphones to help the digitally disconnected 3 2020-05-14 Thursday
OrangeTasks A simple to-do app for your macos menubar 4 2020-03-05 Thursday
JOI The fresh alternative to alternative milk 4 2020-05-14 Thursday
No More Self-care for you and your social media apps. 4 2020-05-14 Thursday
Trackgit GitHub traffic analytics tool 4 2020-08-07 Friday
OneThing Work towards your life goal and build habits to achieve it 5 2020-01-09 Thursday
Reachable Unified business messaging app 5 2020-03-26 Thursday
Wonderful Self-esteem diary 6 2020-05-14 Thursday
Equall Discrimination & bullying logging platform 6 2020-11-06 Friday
The Book Trail Find a book by setting location 10 2020-10-08 Thursday
Wooli WooCommerce store essential metrics in your Mac menu bar. 11 2020-11-12 Thursday
TravelPeri Find top places to explore on your next foreign adventure 11 2020-11-12 Thursday
ControlHub Control your Company's Spending 12 2020-04-23 Thursday
Cellmate Chastity Cage A chastity belt you can't unlock 12 2020-10-06 Tuesday
SimpleSwap Easy way to swap Bitcoin & Altcoins 12 2020-10-26 Monday
The Gives Watch videos while video chatting with friends 13 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Automeasify Simplified IT operation service automation. 13 2020-10-12 Monday
Aviation Toolbox Calculators & Converters perfect for sim-aviators 13 2020-10-26 Monday
Fulljar Simple and privacy focused analytics 13 2020-11-13 Friday
Amazon Fire TV (2020 Release) Amazon's latest Fire TV 14 2020-09-24 Thursday
Fire TV Stick Lite Most affordable Fire Stick 14 2020-09-24 Thursday
The Costumemaster A puzzle game where you switch costumes to escape 14 2020-10-17 Saturday
Datadog Synthetics Monitor user experience with self-maintaining browser tests 15 2020-04-15 Wednesday A live platform for meaningful conversation 15 2020-09-22 Tuesday
Marin Businesses Marin restaurants, services, events, specials, and more! 15 2020-10-17 Saturday
BAITCAMP Fishing log, planner and picture taking tool all in one app. 15 2020-11-16 Monday
Local Purse Global marketplace for live video cultural shopping 15 2020-12-01 Tuesday
Tit for Tot Breastfeeding Emoji App Breastfeeding emojis - Normalize. Support. Laugh. 16 2020-02-16 Sunday
Composed Unique soundscapes for every meditation or flow session. 16 2020-03-10 Tuesday
Polar Grit X A multi-sport smart watch with a 40 hour battery 16 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Okkiy Become Someone's Boredom Buster 16 2020-05-19 Tuesday
Memory Timer Memory Timer helps you remind of important dates or events. 16 2020-10-26 Monday
Visit List Plan your post-pandemic travels 16 2020-10-26 Monday
D&B Email IQ Raise your Email IQ and receive 50 free contacts per month! 16 2020-11-18 Wednesday
qdochat Remove interruptions in your Slack workspace 17 2020-05-03 Sunday
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS Edition An A.R.M.Y. that deserves its own Galaxy 17 2020-06-15 Monday
Vocavore Learn your own vocabulary lists with Quiz games 17 2020-09-16 Wednesday
Azure Communication Services Communication APIs powered by Microsoft 17 2020-09-22 Tuesday
CallPesa Turning mobile conversations into billable opportunities. 17 2020-10-02 Friday API based rewards and promotion engine 17 2020-10-07 Wednesday
Sell Cluster CRM Secure CRM made in Canada for Canadians 17 2020-10-09 Friday
Voice Control Let your viewers on Twitch change your voice in real time. 17 2020-10-17 Saturday
SacreServ A social impact network democratising access to non-profits 17 2020-10-18 Sunday
the longest drift A racing-puzzle-adventure indie game for mobile 17 2020-10-26 Monday
ToDo'r The simplest shared to-do list. 17 2020-11-24 Tuesday
WaveTrackR v3.0 Streamline your recruiting and candidate acquisition 18 2020-01-19 Sunday
Stock Alarm Realtime Stock Alerts 18 2020-04-09 Thursday
Wakeout for Families and Teams Fun way to stay active while you work from home 18 2020-04-14 Tuesday
Treenga Simple task management for remote teams 18 2020-05-01 Friday
Secret Google UX Playbooks A free playbook of Google's UX 18 2020-08-26 Wednesday