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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Jepto Digital Marketing Intelligence and Automation 542 2020-01-09 Thursday
LetterWell Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters 929 2020-01-10 Friday
Tribe Create highly targeted Twitter ad campaigns in 5 mins 351 2020-01-20 Monday
Vidyou Turn your product data feed into high-quality video ads. 1016 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Screenshot Creator Create stunning App Store and Google Play marketing assets 260 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Hotmark Create honeypots & protect your e-mail lists 180 2020-01-30 Thursday
Wedio Your Local Camera Sharing Community 34 2020-01-30 Thursday
Biteplay - Laser Targeted Youtube Ads Create highly targeted Youtube ad campaigns in 5 minutes 1364 2020-02-07 Friday
Cantrip The easiest website builder you will ever use! 255 2020-02-09 Sunday
Suited Look your best in your suit with instant fit advice 84 2020-02-09 Sunday
Google Ad Highlighter A Chrome extension that highlights ads inside search results 213 2020-02-12 Wednesday
Search Ads on Shopify App Store A new way to advertise to Shopify’s 1 million+ merchants 135 2020-02-12 Wednesday
Meme 2020 A meme campaign for all candidates. 30 2020-02-13 Thursday
Magic Lasso Adblock 2.0 Free ad block for iPhone, iPad and Mac 78 2020-02-22 Saturday
Spyder Facebook ad library spy tool. Collect, store and share ads🎥 198 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Million Dollar Metropolis Browse and buy ads in a virtual city 🏙 130 2020-03-03 Tuesday
PAIA Help your friends make decisions 43 2020-03-05 Thursday
FB Ads Budget Calculator Easily calculate your Facebook ads profit potential 690 2020-03-19 Thursday
PurpleAds Advertise to Millions, Monetize Your Website 468 2020-04-02 Thursday
VReel Dynamic stock drone footage 134 2020-04-15 Wednesday Your Automated Facebook Ads Analyst 115 2020-04-15 Wednesday
RawFilm Unlimited downloads of 4K stock footage 327 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Scrubhub SFW hand washing videos for charity. 51 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Singular Marketing Analytics Pull marketing spend into a single dashboard. No code. 179 2020-04-23 Thursday
Photochain Photochain is a new generation of content marketplaces 121 2020-04-29 Wednesday
Influencer Analytics by Interceptd Gain control of your influencer campaigns 895 2020-04-30 Thursday
Easy Bloggers Free influencers search & cost estimation for your campaign. 6252 2020-05-05 Tuesday
Wedding Planning Assistant Everything you need to plan your wedding 410 2020-05-10 Sunday
Truth{set} Measuring the quality of consumer data 62 2020-05-29 Friday
Otis Your digital marketing assistant 1231 2020-06-01 Monday
Influencity AI-powered influencer marketing platform with +70M profiles. 1276 2020-06-09 Tuesday
Who is retargeting me!? See which companies are retargeting you via ads on google 87 2020-06-10 Wednesday
Ode Helping podcast creators live off their work 63 2020-06-11 Thursday
Abyssale Generate banner ads in minutes - no design skill required 698 2020-06-17 Wednesday
Barter Collabs with Creators by Insense Exchange your product for user generated content 381 2020-06-23 Tuesday
SUPA Video Maker Create videos for ads and social media with zero experience. 290 2020-06-23 Tuesday
AdQuick Programmatic Buy, measure, and optimize outdoor ad campaigns like web ads 263 2020-06-23 Tuesday
TikTok For Business TikTok's official ad platform for brands and marketers 330 2020-06-25 Thursday
Shuzon The doormat that sanitizes your shoe soles! 54 2020-06-25 Thursday
8Designers 2.0 High quality ad design for fixed monthly rates. 497 2020-06-30 Tuesday
Respond Flow The Mailchimp of SMS 565 2020-07-03 Friday
Neurophate Data predictions and insights powered by no-code ML 74 2020-07-04 Saturday
Convertedin 2.0 Create ads like a machine 653 2020-07-06 Monday
Growth Academy Compact Free growth strategy email course from Silicon Valley 93 2020-07-07 Tuesday
Repixel 2.0 Retarget someone else’s website visitors 931 2020-07-08 Wednesday
Anton Save time and money when working with influencers. 1120 2020-07-09 Thursday
BeerMaps Search and explore local craft breweries. 51 2020-07-11 Saturday
RecommendMe Get AI recommendations to optimize your Google Ads campaigns 44 2020-07-14 Tuesday
Ads Generator Automatically generate HQ ads and headlines 719 2020-07-15 Wednesday
Ad Pages Daily curated showcase of winning ad pages 498 2020-07-20 Monday