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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Airplus Advanced options for your Airbnb™ search 202 2020-01-12 Sunday
Skyscanner Price Prediction Helping you decide the best time to book your flights 481 2020-03-08 Sunday
Airbnb Online Experiences Book and join one-of-a-kind activities from your home. 86 2020-04-10 Friday
Climeworks Pioneers Climeworks permanently removes carbon dioxide from the air. 211 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Vanly Share driveway space 47 2020-09-13 Sunday
IPOats by Airbnb is going public so we made a cereal. 103 2020-11-17 Tuesday
Roombuddy Find and match your perfect roommate 351 2020-12-07 Monday
Roamer Find Airbnbs with fast internet 148 2020-12-21 Monday