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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
PictureThis 2.0 Instantly identify plants like a botanist in your pocket 🌱 358 2020-12-31 Thursday
Guess Up Online multiplayer game to play with friends and family 265 2020-12-29 Tuesday
Spotiplus 2.0 Design Spotify cover arts like a pro for iPhone and Android 207 2020-12-29 Tuesday
Neno for iOS & Android The professional social network for meaningful connections 272 2020-12-29 Tuesday
HyperZoom for Android Easily create awesome timelapse zoom videos 159 2020-12-29 Tuesday
Xiaomi Mi 11 The first Android phone with Snapdragon 888 212 2020-12-28 Monday
Guided Annual Review by A guided review to help you make sense of and grow from 2020 253 2020-12-26 Saturday
StaffMerge Video resumes and introductions 154 2020-12-26 Saturday
HowApp Find, share & organize kids activities. 162 2020-12-26 Saturday
SnapSmile We use machine learning to help improve your dental health 358 2020-12-25 Friday
Looxie Location-based photo requests 250 2020-12-25 Friday
1D Chess Test your skills and strategy with 1D Chess 30 2020-12-24 Thursday
Couchmate Chat about live TV, together! 29 2020-12-24 Thursday
Yak Tack: Mobile App Broaden your vocabulary. Simply. 359 2020-12-23 Wednesday
Miiriya Shop black owned businesses in one place 52 2020-12-23 Wednesday
Woofbuzz Provides tools to ensure your dog’s daily needs are met 624 2020-12-22 Tuesday
1Question Turning your child's screen time into study time! 351 2020-12-21 Monday
Audiopile Audio collaboration platform 150 2020-12-21 Monday
Phritz Personal health records and care recommendation engine 145 2020-12-21 Monday
Re:loc Update your Slack status based on location 124 2020-12-21 Monday
TechniCalc A smart calculator for a smart phone 121 2020-12-21 Monday
Creative Book Builder Powerful, flexible & professional tool for ebook generation 100 2020-12-20 Sunday
Sleep Cinema Interactive cinema for your dreams 283 2020-12-19 Saturday
companiions We're here to bring people together. 298 2020-12-19 Saturday
PhotoRoom Android Remove background & create pro photos 474 2020-12-18 Friday
Ratio 4 Welcome to your new home screen 1077 2020-12-18 Friday
Makeena Making better products affordable no matter where you shop. 491 2020-12-18 Friday
seeseephoto School and senior photos for only $5 per year 67 2020-12-18 Friday
Addmin Modern solution for your personal paperwork. 107 2020-12-17 Thursday
TaskBite Centralize product management and track time using Pomodoro. 36 2020-12-17 Thursday
Whatch What to watch - the TV and film social network 68 2020-12-16 Wednesday
TreeClicks for Mobile Plant trees for free while shopping on your mobile phone 43 2020-12-16 Wednesday
Meetings Are Dead Task manager that enables less meetings 327 2020-12-15 Tuesday
Cobble Find who parked behind your car. 84 2020-12-15 Tuesday
OurFlat Improve life with roommates! 64 2020-12-15 Tuesday
Tattd The app to find your perfect tattoo artist 65 2020-12-15 Tuesday
Quote Shelf Save your quotes and organise your book shelf. 45 2020-12-14 Monday
Shuttertop Improvised photo contests and so on, scrape your imagination 25 2020-12-14 Monday
The F*cking Corona The perfect app for people who hate corona stats. 73 2020-12-13 Sunday
Ping Instant Messenger For confidential communication 35 2020-12-12 Saturday
FitCommit Track your workouts with AI 34 2020-12-12 Saturday
The List The go-to platform for your at-home service needs. 31 2020-12-11 Friday
DroidGraph Test GraphQL API from your phone! 24 2020-12-11 Friday
Amber Bitcoin on autopilot 837 2020-12-10 Thursday
LogicLike Improve logical thinking through engaging brain games 610 2020-12-10 Thursday
Klima Go carbon neutral 514 2020-12-09 Wednesday
Not Chess A puzzling chess-like game 112 2020-12-09 Wednesday
Ethereum Push Notification Service Protocol for incentivized, blockchain based notifications. 118 2020-12-09 Wednesday
SmoothTrack VR-style head tracking for PC sim games with just an app 93 2020-12-09 Wednesday
Xayn Convenient, controllable, and private web search 74 2020-12-09 Wednesday