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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Cinemeet Meet new friends at the movies 202 2020-01-07 Tuesday
ClickSwipe An app that swipes on Tinder every time you click your mouse 39 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Partyherd Discover new people offline via concept parties 47 2020-01-17 Friday
Amazon Dating The Future of Dating 603 2020-02-04 Tuesday
Hoop Make new friends on Snapchat 👻🔥 254 2020-02-10 Monday
Picsel Selects the best picture for your dating profile 69 2020-02-11 Tuesday
Parallel: Relationship Compass Better relationships faster. 52 2020-02-14 Friday
OJAI AI backed blind dating via text 118 2020-02-22 Saturday
Flutter Dating The live Sunday dating app 973 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Ratee Get rated on your attractiveness 31 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Eforia Sexual wellness and discovery app (interactive erotica) 126 2020-03-25 Wednesday
Tuned A new app for couples, by the Facebook NPE team 252 2020-04-08 Wednesday
PicTips Find your best dating photos 34 2020-04-11 Saturday
Toodls Join or host events for virtual & In-person activities 119 2020-04-26 Sunday
Arithmr Dating based on YouTube subscriptions 45 2020-05-18 Monday
XO Dating Games Have better conversations and build better connections 245 2020-05-19 Tuesday
Hinge Labs Research to help you find love 53 2020-05-26 Tuesday
vocol A more human connection through the power of voice. 38 2020-05-31 Sunday
Thatday Digital keeper of your romantic life 492 2020-06-13 Saturday
DateTime Establish deeper connections. 61 2020-06-15 Monday
SKWSH The anti-ghosting app. 651 2020-06-24 Wednesday
Karma App An app to find good company with the same interests. 61 2020-06-25 Thursday
Struck The astrology-based matchmaking app 159 2020-07-21 Tuesday
Filter Off Video speed dating. Get to know the person, not the profile. 968 2020-08-04 Tuesday
Keeepr App to keep you close to your partner, family, and friends. 913 2020-08-19 Wednesday
Tweetledee Match with your Twitter crushes, risk free <3 62 2020-08-21 Friday
Zoom University Welcome to the world's first virtual party. 62 2020-08-21 Friday
Chorus Making dating human again through matchmaking. 708 2020-08-24 Monday
Picme Picture Message Dating 40 2020-08-27 Thursday
sapiosexual Tinder for smart people 93 2020-09-01 Tuesday
Curius Dating Dating app with 4 directions to swipe & 4 ways to connect 411 2020-09-01 Tuesday
digiD8 An interactive dining app for your next virtual date 488 2020-09-06 Sunday
Promenad Modern dating service 332 2020-09-11 Friday
Boo Deeply understand anyone and connect with people who get you 89 2020-09-21 Monday
ZEYDRA Mentorship + Dating with crypto micropayments 24 2020-09-30 Wednesday
Lobstr A modern dating platform 25 2020-10-02 Friday
TribeLane Discover activities near you via mobile 19 2020-11-02 Monday
OnlySearch A search engine for OnlyFans accounts 131 2020-11-16 Monday
Joit Instant gamified video date 26 2020-11-23 Monday
Cupidshot Find dating portrait photographers in your city 151 2020-11-27 Friday
Lovewick - Couples App Fun question cards and date ideas to grow and stay in love 548 2020-12-07 Monday
Boil Up! A new way for new people 28 2020-12-10 Thursday
Monet Draw your way to love, to friends, and to a good time. 377 2020-12-19 Saturday
Gumdrop Find your happy match. 297 2020-12-20 Sunday