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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Colorsinspo All in one resource for finding everything about colors 838 2020-01-01 Wednesday
What If ___? A fun, simple website to help spark ideas. 282 2020-01-02 Thursday
Kepler Website Builder A powerful way to build websites with all-new Style Filters. 221 2020-01-02 Thursday
Colorific A color accessibility tool for contrast and color blindness 99 2020-01-02 Thursday
Insights Hunt Key quotes from UI & UX design articles 96 2020-01-02 Thursday Add multiple free links to your Instagram/Twitter biography 72 2020-01-02 Thursday
DarkModeDesign Resources for designing and building dark mode apps 333 2020-01-03 Friday
Select Similar Figma plugin to select canvas nodes by common features 39 2020-01-04 Saturday
Dither it! A web application for dithering images 53 2020-01-05 Sunday
All Design Conferences A list of all front-end and design conferences 750 2020-01-08 Wednesday Calculate colors. Share palettes. 397 2020-01-08 Wednesday
GrowSurf 2.0 Create a custom refer-a-friend program for your site 732 2020-01-09 Thursday
Libpixel One image, any size, every device. 388 2020-01-09 Thursday
SPELLL Spelling & grammar checker for Figma. 276 2020-01-09 Thursday
Terace 2.0 Quickly generate architectural sketches through your camera 44 2020-01-09 Thursday
react-announcement Push out beautiful website announcements in React 📣 171 2020-01-10 Friday
Beedii Hand drawn emoji font with 40+ emojis and icons 185 2020-01-11 Saturday
MakerMove Discover great resources for makers and founders. 613 2020-01-12 Sunday
Dreame Your bucket list visualized. A tool to manifest your dreams. 433 2020-01-13 Monday
Blnq Studio An online web development platform using HTML, CSS and JS 277 2020-01-13 Monday
Bannerbear Auto-generate IG Stories, Pinterest Pins and more 1129 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Icons8 for Figma Find the perfect icon without ever leaving Figma 483 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Tuple The best remote pair programming experience on macOS 410 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Screenie 2 Search the text inside your screenshots 597 2020-01-16 Thursday
Charcoal A modern, free, and easy-to-use drawing app for iOS 413 2020-01-19 Sunday
SnackThis Text Animator A simple text animation tool that runs in your browser. 660 2020-01-20 Monday
Motion An animated SVG icon editor 684 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Personas Tool by FlowMapp Create beautiful Products 👨‍💻✨👩‍💻 748 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Do Not Be Square Record a free unique animated email signature in 3 steps 322 2020-01-21 Tuesday
CREATE 5.0 The most versatile graphic design + creativity tool 182 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Gradientify Icons Interactive free SVG icons you can colorize as you wish 830 2020-01-23 Thursday
Containers Web Wireframe Kit High-quality wireframe kit for design and prototyping. 657 2020-01-23 Thursday
Sideway A community of designers showcasing published work. 341 2020-01-23 Thursday
Brand Building Guides & Tools Easy steps for every budget 216 2020-01-24 Friday
Vectary for Sketch Real 3D mockups and elements in Sketch 200 2020-01-24 Friday
Wibbitz Studio Create professional videos in minutes 192 2020-01-24 Friday
Olinkia Olinkia let's you easily save and organize your links 134 2020-01-25 Saturday
FontScan Rediscover all of your custom installed Windows fonts. 194 2020-01-26 Sunday
Creately 3.0 The simplest way to visualize ideas, plans & processes 1093 2020-01-27 Monday
Fabrx Mobile Design System Design Beautiful Apps 536 2020-01-27 Monday
SongRender Easily create music visualizers for social media 130 2020-01-27 Monday
Screenshot Creator Create stunning App Store and Google Play marketing assets 260 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Terrastruct A diagramming tool for systems, like software architecture 111 2020-01-28 Tuesday
weuse [discontinued] Community-driven website to share and find software stacks 58 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Design Lint A design linting plugin for Figma. 517 2020-01-29 Wednesday
Clai Mock-up beautiful 3D assets 55 2020-01-29 Wednesday
Maze + Figma Turn your Figma prototypes into insights 1209 2020-01-30 Thursday Easy to use online builder for illustrations 710 2020-01-30 Thursday
TinyImage for Figma Export compressed images directly from Figma 173 2020-01-30 Thursday
Waitron.Menu Create trendy menu designs like a Pro 108 2020-01-30 Thursday