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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
AnoneMail Keep your email address private 160 2020-01-07 Tuesday
SCRAPE Find emails you're looking for fast with SCRAPE email hunter 233 2020-01-08 Wednesday
Seedtable An authentic voice into European tech, business and politics 68 2020-01-09 Thursday
Sales Email Gatekeeper Eliminate sales emails from your inbox, once and for all 52 2020-01-09 Thursday
LetterWell Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters 929 2020-01-10 Friday
Check Your Pulse A tech and startups newsletter that makes you feel human 124 2020-01-10 Friday
FastReply Finally a lightweight template system for your emails! 83 2020-01-14 Tuesday
Noonification Hacker Noon's best tech stories emailed at noon 279 2020-01-27 Monday
Mailbutler for Outlook Get more out of your Outlook inbox 65 2020-01-29 Wednesday
The Ultimate Cold Email Outreach Book Everything you need to know about cold email outreach. 477 2020-01-30 Thursday
Flash for Gmail Turn your Gmail experience to a Superhuman experience 263 2020-01-30 Thursday
Hotmark Create honeypots & protect your e-mail lists 180 2020-01-30 Thursday
Mailflow Run your business from Gmail 784 2020-02-03 Monday
Supscrib for Business Build engaging newsletter & save on email costs 55 2020-02-04 Tuesday
Lowdown Auto-generate newsletters from Slack community content 413 2020-02-07 Friday
Formatted Email Subject Lines by cloudHQ Popping email subject lines in bold, italics, strikethrough 1286 2020-02-11 Tuesday
Subscription Score Never regret subscribing to a mailing list again 💌 642 2020-02-13 Thursday
Vetter Test if your emails will be spammed, using real accounts. 213 2020-02-15 Saturday
Gmail Summarization Extracting the most important sentences from an email thread 116 2020-02-16 Sunday
CryptoCrowd V2 Get access to 180,000+ crypto / ICO investor & influencers 292 2020-02-19 Wednesday
Notivize no-code notification solution for product teams 169 2020-02-29 Saturday
Mailbrew Automated email digests from Twitter, Reddit, YouTube & more 687 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Slide to Subscribe Let people subscribe to your newsletter with just a slide. 388 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Mailnest Sandbox Email testing tool for IT product, service companies 117 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Relevon Personalized Emails Personalized, automated emails for your Shopify store. 125 2020-03-05 Thursday
MeSign Automated end-to-end encrypted email client 30 2020-03-10 Tuesday
Keyory Ask recurring questions, get aggregated responses 24 2020-03-10 Tuesday
Drag Unlimited Turn Gmail into your team's workspace 399 2020-03-11 Wednesday
Gmail Tables How to insert a table in Gmail email with just 1 click 746 2020-03-12 Thursday
Save Email Template Save emails as full-length screenshots or PDFs for free 304 2020-03-12 Thursday
WolfPack Send company wide notifications in minutes. 81 2020-03-16 Monday
Riot Phishing training for your team 199 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Weedico Daily newsletter covering the emerging cannabis industry. 83 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Autoklose 2.0 Cold email reimagined 💌 198 2020-03-18 Wednesday
Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ Find an email in seconds with these free preset filters 986 2020-03-19 Thursday
Dubb for Remote Work Create and send actionable videos - anywhere 551 2020-03-19 Thursday
Email Meter Email statistics for Gmail & G Suite 145 2020-03-26 Thursday
Websites by MailerLite Create a website in 1 day! Free no-code, drag & drop builder 1553 2020-04-02 Thursday
Mailper Disposable mailboxes 372 2020-04-07 Tuesday
Email Workflows by Salesflare 💌 Sequences, drips & onboarding emails from PH's favorite CRM 580 2020-04-08 Wednesday
OnMail New email service where you're in control 113 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Good (Crisis) Email Templates Effective communication in challenging times 208 2020-04-15 Wednesday
Resize Gmail Sidebar by cloudHQ Slide your Gmail sidebar to +/- your Gmail label view. 1752 2020-04-15 Wednesday
Guide A virtual interview experience for your candidates ✨ 654 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Inbox Zero Here’s how the most productive people manage their inbox. 291 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Reply-to-Sheets Store email threads in spreadsheets - no sign-up required. 80 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Coronavirus Near Me Easily track coronavirus (COVID-19) stats near your location 58 2020-04-23 Thursday
State of Business Email Marketing Stats that will improve your business’ emails performance 319 2020-04-27 Monday
Email Template Library by Autoklose A free collection of well-crafted and effective email copy 466 2020-04-29 Wednesday
Parallel Automate your information collection processes and save time 181 2020-04-30 Thursday