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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Vocly Learn vocabulary in 50 languages with fun games 278 2020-01-17 Friday
haRdGB The hardest RGB trivia game ever. 37 2020-01-19 Sunday
Birds Hit Feel the free spirit of a bird and hit all the incoming cars 37 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Launchpad: Make & Remix Music DJ mixing app & beat maker 43 2020-01-29 Wednesday
Awesome Social Network Kindness content with creation tools, templates & rewards 163 2020-02-07 Friday
GameSnacks Fast games for emerging markets 47 2020-02-14 Friday
Star Jolt Retro arcade high score chaser that is sure to challenge you 76 2020-02-20 Thursday
Blendix Use the combos to reach the highest score, fast! 75 2020-03-01 Sunday
Truth or Dare Fun party games for friends & family 54 2020-03-12 Thursday
Plexicle Navigate your spaceship through the abyss 59 2020-03-15 Sunday
Looptap A minimal game to waste your time. 83 2020-03-18 Wednesday
TopShot Game Guess which Unsplash picture was downloaded more often. 39 2020-03-19 Thursday
Eforia Sexual wellness and discovery app (interactive erotica) 126 2020-03-25 Wednesday
Virus Fight Club Play the hero and save the world from coronavirus 95 2020-03-27 Friday
Guten Abend. Self-Quarantine Club An online social hub to have fun via Zoom 48 2020-04-01 Wednesday
ScribbleX Social drawing game to create some art together with friends 70 2020-04-04 Saturday
Qubes Fun puzzle game. Available to play online 80 2020-04-07 Tuesday
7 Seconds 600+ dumb and crazy challenges to face within 7 seconds 179 2020-04-18 Saturday
Moosed Surprise your friends & loved ones with custom challenges 43 2020-04-19 Sunday
SLNG81 (Play online on Minimal slingshot game 64 2020-04-26 Sunday
Tambola 2.0 Play tambola with your friends in lockdown. 412 2020-04-29 Wednesday
Here Kitty! A game about hiding and finding a cat in your home 637 2020-05-05 Tuesday
Knight Maneuver A mini chess game 318 2020-05-05 Tuesday
Gaming Nugget Gaming and esports business newsletter 288 2020-05-06 Wednesday
Tileshade Game about colours. Made with colours. 29 2020-05-08 Friday
Catphish A game to play Sherlock and find out who's lying 38 2020-05-09 Saturday
You Still Don't Know Africa How many African countries can you name from memory? 57 2020-05-12 Tuesday
Math Ball A physics based math ball game for Android & web. 295 2020-05-14 Thursday
Baby Bids Online baby pool designed for parents to raise funds. 224 2020-05-14 Thursday
Developer Dilemmas A simple & fun online game for developers by AppSignal 149 2020-05-20 Wednesday
Lipoker Online poker with friends, no download or signup 475 2020-05-22 Friday
FunApéro Video calls with games to have fun with friends & colleagues 244 2020-05-22 Friday
Blocktionary Game Guess famous characters and objects in their blocky forms. 40 2020-05-23 Saturday
Math Brain Level up your math skills with many interesting exercises. 204 2020-05-25 Monday
Fastest Fingers Multiplayer speed-typing game 47 2020-05-25 Monday
Chromastro Cyberpunk style space shooter game 33 2020-05-27 Wednesday
Drawpoly A drawing game bringing friends and family together 171 2020-06-02 Tuesday
Chroma Slide Colorful arcade game, all ad-revenue goes to COVID-19 relief 32 2020-06-03 Wednesday
Off Chain Games Beta We make games that put coins in your pocket 26 2020-06-10 Wednesday
DanceFight If it moves you, move it. 31 2020-06-13 Saturday
Questions Card game you can play online and remotely by video calling 341 2020-06-16 Tuesday
FunApart Video chat meets nostalgic card games 38 2020-06-16 Tuesday
Solar Idle A free, idol space game where you colonise a solar system 55 2020-06-21 Sunday
DOOZY The social quiz app for remote teams 446 2020-06-26 Friday
Chess With Friends Play chess with friends right from Figma 276 2020-06-26 Friday
BoozyQuiz A free drinking game for virtual parties on houseparty/zoom 414 2020-06-27 Saturday
Vile8 Number game to live through Monday 42 2020-06-29 Monday
DrawGuess Pictionary meets Telephone game 48 2020-06-29 Monday
Twitter Turing Test Is this tweet by a human or generated by a neural net? 49 2020-06-30 Tuesday
Who Said That? A game where you guess who tweeted what 60 2020-07-01 Wednesday