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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Voice Control Let your viewers on Twitch change your voice in real time. 17 2020-10-17 Saturday
Entrprnr Bookmarks Physical bookmarks with entrepreneurs faces on them 20 2020-02-26 Wednesday
Notatio Generate wacky story ideas in a MadLib-like fashion 22 2020-03-17 Tuesday
New Work Buzzwords Chrome Extension that highlights new work buzzwords 23 2020-10-18 Sunday
Comments for Zillow (Chrome Extension) The fabled comment section on zillow 23 2020-11-23 Monday
Drinking Bingo Play movie bingo with your friends during self isolation 32 2020-05-29 Friday
Applause Host watch parties, invite people and applaude the speakers! 33 2020-05-04 Monday
Blockbuster Digital Replace every Quibi mention on the internet with Blockbuster 34 2020-10-23 Friday
PhoneTag Send disappearing voice messages to friends. 35 2020-04-20 Monday
Baby Yoda Stand for Echo Dot A cute Baby Yoda holder for your Echo Dot from OtterBox 35 2020-07-31 Friday
Thoughty Share your thoughts anonymously 36 2020-05-15 Friday
Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge The iconic Simpsons game can now be played online 36 2020-06-15 Monday
Birds Hit Feel the free spirit of a bird and hit all the incoming cars 37 2020-01-21 Tuesday
iBoy retro toy figure from Classicbot A transformable figure that pays homage to the design icon 38 2020-03-19 Thursday
Gif2Zoom Convert GIFs into Zoom virtual backgrounds 38 2020-05-01 Friday
TopShot Game Guess which Unsplash picture was downloaded more often. 39 2020-03-19 Thursday Silence VC thought leadership from your feed. 40 2020-01-20 Monday
Meeeme Create and share memes 40 2020-12-02 Wednesday
Commit Art Paint your artwork in a commit contribution style 41 2020-06-11 Thursday
RICKPLY Answer any text with Leo's Rick Dalton meme 42 2020-05-07 Thursday
Fonts Create unique unicode fonts 45 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Twitter Turing Test Is this tweet by a human or generated by a neural net? 49 2020-06-30 Tuesday
Not Poutine, FYI Things that claim to be poutine, but aren't. 50 2020-02-20 Thursday
Sorry Babe Send a personal apology with a GIF 52 2020-02-17 Monday
Cacadvisor An app to evaluate restaurant restrooms 52 2020-05-24 Sunday
Truth or Dare Fun party games for friends & family 54 2020-03-12 Thursday
Doppel The most accurate AI doppelganger/twin finder app 55 2020-04-20 Monday
Queeng Playing Cards The first deck of cards where men and women are equal! 55 2020-05-14 Thursday
Moj Indian platform for short form video content 56 2020-08-29 Saturday
Kanye West Handwriting Generator Write like Kanye 57 2020-07-23 Thursday
Fake Morning News Fake news headline texted to your phone, every morning. 57 2020-08-24 Monday
Magic Startup Shell Validate your startup idea by asking the Magic Startup Shell 57 2020-09-18 Friday
Scameo A parody of Cameo, turn text/voice into a shoutout with AI. 57 2020-10-30 Friday
Phantom Letter Send your loved ones a letter from a ghost 58 2020-10-15 Thursday
The Least Dangerous To-Do List Because today was hard enough 58 2020-11-11 Wednesday
How Beautiful Am I An online ghost prank disguised as a beauty checker tool 59 2020-12-18 Friday
The Positive Reinforcer We all need a pat on the back sometimes. 61 2020-04-11 Saturday
Dancing Santa AR Stickers Santa is coming through your phone not your chimney 🎅 62 2020-12-24 Thursday
StreetviewHub Teleport to random places from Google Street View. 👀 63 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Swirl Share challenges to your story and tag friends! 65 2020-07-03 Friday
Hot Wheels Cyber Truck A remote control Cyber Truck by Hot Wheels 66 2020-02-25 Tuesday
GifJif App 3.0 The best custom GIF and meme app in the world 66 2020-04-05 Sunday
Fancy Emoji Make emoji bigger 76 2020-09-09 Wednesday
This Website Will Self Destruct This site will self-destruct if it goes 24hrs without a post 78 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Meow A novel written for cats and cats only 🐱📖 84 2020-01-06 Monday
Who is retargeting me!? See which companies are retargeting you via ads on google 87 2020-06-10 Wednesday
Matt The next generation of mobile live streaming 87 2020-09-06 Sunday
Four Naan To calculate how much moreish naan bread you should order 89 2020-10-09 Friday
Scroobly Bring your doodles to life with AI 91 2020-12-14 Monday
Dancing Santa FM An endless mix of Christmas songs 93 2020-12-22 Tuesday