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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Leadoo Analytics Make better decisions backed up with the right data 23 2020-10-05 Monday
InstaConnect Live Video Sales Instant 1-1 video conferences and webinars for Shopify 27 2020-09-26 Saturday
Leadfox Automatically generate new leads and customers 28 2020-03-09 Monday
Outgrow Contests & Giveaways Boost your marketing with No-Code interactive contests 35 2020-11-07 Saturday
Hacker News Simple Analytics Analyze your Hacker News submissions 36 2020-11-30 Monday
The Takeaway Insightful lessons from history and world-class performers. 38 2020-03-03 Tuesday
Inleven Create short links and retarget visitors. 38 2020-05-18 Monday
CapSumo Generate leads by seeing who visits your abandoned web forms 40 2020-03-23 Monday
ChummyBot Increase conversions, track activity, build trust 41 2020-01-13 Monday
Glow Loyalty & Rewards Loyalty points, rewards & referrals for Shopify 41 2020-01-31 Friday
Kasosio We match businesses with nearby suppliers automatically 43 2020-10-17 Saturday
Biolinky for Android Yet another link tool? Yeah.. but better, and now on Android 49 2020-06-30 Tuesday
Reactime Chrome extension that helps debug React applications 49 2020-10-22 Thursday
CRO Tactics Bite-sized, weekly conversion tactics to grow your business. 50 2020-04-17 Friday
InnerTrends Solve growth challenges without being a data scientist 50 2020-11-12 Thursday
Notipack Increase your website's growth by using our notifications. 52 2020-06-11 Thursday
Taplytics Smart TV App Optimization AB test & deploy feature flags on tvOS, Android, Roku + more 55 2020-10-15 Thursday
TrustComet Turn your website into a sales and leads generating machine. 57 2020-08-14 Friday
Gosavex Help students save, access loans and manage credit score 📱 59 2020-07-17 Friday
Tillome More than just a bio link tool 61 2020-04-23 Thursday
The 1,000,000 Views Playbook Free guide on how to master virality as a content marketer 68 2020-12-04 Friday
Intern From Home Hire remote interns from elite universities for free 69 2020-05-13 Wednesday
HomeFlow Make home buying easy with a self-paced home buying platform 71 2020-02-07 Friday
Oculisa AI & Big Data based website leads analytics for sales growth 74 2020-12-10 Thursday
Life of a Social Media Manager A collection of interviews with top social media experts 76 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Feedny Social networking app allowing matching interests to connect 77 2020-09-09 Wednesday
ExpansionPlan Identifies the best US expansion strategy for your startup 79 2020-09-23 Wednesday
StartupLynx StartupLynx identifies similar startups around the world 81 2020-10-13 Tuesday
Trend Watchers Get access to over 150 + new trends every week 90 2020-11-06 Friday
Ampliz SalesBuddy and PeopleFinder B2B Intelligence to personalize prospecting during Lockdown 91 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Growth Academy Compact Free growth strategy email course from Silicon Valley 93 2020-07-07 Tuesday
Responsible Strategies to help build trust and retain users early on 93 2020-12-22 Tuesday
Outgrow Hairdressers Take your hair salon online with highly interactive content 106 2020-10-04 Sunday
Voicemail Love Mail an audio message to family and friends as a unique gift 109 2020-09-18 Friday
Forekast+ Trending dates and events for marketing inspiration 111 2020-12-01 Tuesday
EmailFolders Get 10,000 journalist contact details now plus many more 112 2020-12-22 Tuesday
Prospectss Find leads and verify emails for free 130 2020-03-11 Wednesday
Best Social Media Marketing of All Time A list of some of the top marketing campaigns to inspire you 136 2020-04-29 Wednesday
CastSpot Podcasters-only networking platform! Speak on other's shows. 138 2020-05-07 Thursday
Mastermind Manager Software for running mastermind groups 141 2020-05-25 Monday
Attrisource Automate & scale your link building with content attribution 148 2020-07-27 Monday
Workspace Setups Curated, real workspace setups directly to your inbox 📥 149 2020-10-06 Tuesday
Stepchickens Rise up! Fan communities 153 2020-07-21 Tuesday
BulkReplacer Replace text in multiple files in seconds. 162 2020-07-05 Sunday
The Startup's Gambit Which chess opening best captures your startup’s strategy? 166 2020-12-30 Wednesday
Profitable developer tools database A database of 103+ hand-curated profitable developer tools 170 2020-12-08 Tuesday
Hashtag Slayer Reach more ideal clients with optimized Instagram hashtags 177 2020-12-22 Tuesday
PR Sequences Automagically email journalists when they mention keywords 178 2020-01-28 Tuesday
US Dollar Inflation Calculator Calculate the value of the US dollar adjusted for inflation 179 2020-02-03 Monday
Hotmark Create honeypots & protect your e-mail lists 180 2020-01-30 Thursday