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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Beedii Hand drawn emoji font with 40+ emojis and icons 185 2020-01-11 Saturday
Icons8 for Figma Find the perfect icon without ever leaving Figma 483 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Adjustments Essential Figma plugin for simultaneous HSL color adjustment 84 2020-02-02 Sunday
Social Distancing Works Self-quarantine by adding a mask to our profile pic 127 2020-03-21 Saturday
Flat Icons 20,000 unique, customizable icons with free lifetime updates 1291 2020-03-26 Thursday
627 Animated Icons by Lordicon Animated lottie icons for unforgettable user experience 805 2020-04-03 Friday
Delicious Illustrations Food illustrations and icons for your apps and websites 252 2020-04-12 Sunday
Covid-19 Design Pack by Artify Free set of COVID-19 design materials u can edit on the fly 241 2020-04-15 Wednesday
Icons8 Emoji Beautiful and legal emoji for apps 552 2020-04-30 Thursday
Pandemic Preparedness Illustrations Illustrations for businesses during the pandemic 50 2020-05-10 Sunday
Norde Source 1.0 Customize icon sets to fit your brand in seconds 439 2020-05-16 Saturday
CentralBoard Your service for custom dashboards. 65 2020-05-18 Monday
Fluent Icons 965 free, beautiful & professional icons 1325 2020-05-21 Thursday Discover and animate icons, images, backgrounds, and more 104 2020-05-29 Friday
Call the Doctor Illustration Constructor Healthcare related vector illustrations for digital projects 194 2020-06-09 Tuesday
266 Free Icons Pixel-perfect icons dedicated for UI and wireframes 485 2020-07-02 Thursday
Plumpicons UI icons with character 185 2020-07-08 Wednesday
Whoooa! 138 illustrations 138 customizable illustrations for your projects 🙀 712 2020-07-15 Wednesday
Tetrisly + Whoooa! Bundle Design System kit • Wireframes builder • 120 illustrations 232 2020-07-22 Wednesday
Forge Icons 300+ right mix of SVG icons for your project. 171 2020-08-03 Monday
Social Media Icons by iconshock 300 trendy social network icons in 12 design styles 484 2020-08-04 Tuesday
Discipline. a macOS Big Sur icon pack with 100+ icons 502 2020-08-04 Tuesday
Basicons Basic icons for product design & development 708 2020-08-07 Friday
Premast Plus Access tons of design elements inside your PowerPoint 522 2020-08-10 Monday
Squircular Icons Squircular is the characteristic interface icon set. 54 2020-08-11 Tuesday
Iconscout Color Editor Recolor your icons and illustrations online. 287 2020-08-19 Wednesday
Heroicons Beautiful, free SVG icons from the makers of Tailwind CSS. 1313 2020-08-25 Tuesday
Shape 2 5000+ fully customizable assets for your web design projects 1644 2020-09-02 Wednesday
Animated Icons 2.0 by Icons8 900+ full-motion animated icons to make your project shine 1267 2020-09-03 Thursday
Iconpie All your icons easy as pie 258 2020-09-07 Monday
Iconhub Custom and own beautiful icons in no time 511 2020-09-08 Tuesday
Fluent System Icons Thousands of modern and clear UI icons for free 348 2020-09-10 Thursday
Emblemicons An open-source free to use library of 1000+ beautiful icons 215 2020-09-13 Sunday
Customico Access 110 beautifully crafted, minimalist icons for iOS 14. 90 2020-09-22 Tuesday
3D Style Icons Pack by iconshock Neat, beautifully designed 3D icons in Ultra HD resolution 473 2020-09-24 Thursday
Aesthetic app icons iOS 14 home screen inspirations with free icons and images 223 2020-09-24 Thursday
iOS Skins An up-to-date collection of the best iOS 14 themes. 315 2020-09-25 Friday A list of free and paid iOS 14 home screen icons. 162 2020-09-30 Wednesday
ICOS Minimalistic custom icons for your iPhone home screen 213 2020-10-01 Thursday
Radical Icons Hand-drawn SVGs meticulously optimized for the modern web. 236 2020-10-02 Friday
Caramel 3D icons for iOS 14 3D icons to customize your iPhone 209 2020-10-07 Wednesday
Radix Icons A crisp set of 15×15 icons. Open source. 469 2020-10-09 Friday
iOS 14 icons by iconinja Beautiful, custom-designed icons for your iOS 14 screen. 196 2020-10-12 Monday
Superscene 3D Constructor 3 3D constructor updated with a lot of cute objects 556 2020-10-13 Tuesday
Handy 3D Hands Exceptionally fun 3D illustrations by Icons8 373 2020-10-22 Thursday
Product Hunt Theme iOS14 Icons Unofficial Product Hunt themed iOS Icons 35 2020-10-22 Thursday
Duru iOS 14 Icons A minimal icon set with over 120 icons for popular apps 42 2020-10-26 Monday
3D Halloween Hands Free collection of spooky 3D zombie hands 143 2020-10-29 Thursday
mios Modern grid based iOS 14 icons 71 2020-11-03 Tuesday
Flump 3D icons for MacOS Smooth volumetric icons for macOS home page customization 172 2020-11-07 Saturday