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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
MicroAcquire A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace 4205 2020-01-17 Friday
Crypto Pro for macOS Portfolio tracking, menu bar widget, news, prices and alerts 180 2020-01-19 Sunday
Avenify 2.0 A marketplace for human potential 338 2020-01-21 Tuesday
CoinTracker Free Calculate cryptocurrency taxes for free 127 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Investors Club Profitable online businesses: Vetted & handed right to you 1583 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Tickr Invest in a better future for yourself and the world 🇬🇧 286 2020-02-03 Monday
Token Metrics Find profitable crypto investments and filter out scams. 98 2020-02-04 Tuesday
Fantasy Invest Daily fantasy sport meets the stock market 230 2020-02-10 Monday
Cyberleads Find fast growing companies to do business with 179 2020-02-14 Friday
Transak Allow users to buy/sell cryptocurrency in your app 45 2020-02-16 Sunday
Matchbox.VC Connecting founders and investors through games 146 2020-02-19 Wednesday
5-Minute Investor Update Template Improve your investor updates 267 2020-02-22 Saturday
MoneyMade Discover and compare investment opportunities 764 2020-02-28 Friday
TradeStation Crypto Your gateway to the crypto markets. Open an account today. 113 2020-02-28 Friday
PAIA Help your friends make decisions 43 2020-03-05 Thursday
Products by Keysheet NerdWallet for Crypto 62 2020-03-06 Friday
MarketCue Track global markets automatically, in real-time, on-the-go 36 2020-03-08 Sunday
Bamboo The online securities broker for Africa 158 2020-03-16 Monday
Angelstep Connect with hundreds of angels that are investing right now 87 2020-03-16 Monday
Passiv Autopilot for your brokerage account 28 2020-03-21 Saturday
Swan Bitcoin Bitcoin investing made easy. 773 2020-03-27 Friday
Roostoo Simulated crypto exchange and mock trading competitions 110 2020-03-29 Sunday
Bootstrapp 157 equity-free funding options for your company. 458 2020-03-31 Tuesday
Options Exercise Financing By Secfi Exercise your startup options without the risk 471 2020-04-02 Thursday
GraphicOne App Visual knowledge hub for better investment decisions 314 2020-04-08 Wednesday
LedgerX Profit from bitcoin volatility. Sign up today! 36 2020-04-20 Monday
Waccal Investor Relations Investor Relations, financials & cap table for startups 110 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Pitch Perfect Get feedback on your 5-minute pitch 231 2020-04-25 Saturday
Unicorn Nest Dataset Free dataset of VCs investing in seed and series A+ rounds 1313 2020-04-29 Wednesday
AlphaStocks Find stocks worth investigating 53 2020-05-02 Saturday
Stock Alarm Level up your trading with customized alerts. 112 2020-05-04 Monday
Donut Invest your spare change in Bitcoin & earn interest 24/7 1124 2020-05-05 Tuesday
B21 Invest Crypto investments simplified 489 2020-05-07 Thursday
Remote Demo Day Pitch 4,000 investors remotely 770 2020-05-15 Friday
Holderlab The easiest way to analyze and rebalance crypto portfolio 34 2020-05-22 Friday
Pitch Deck Hunt Real pitch decks from 100+ of the best startups 1662 2020-05-26 Tuesday
Genuine Impact Find your next great investment idea 414 2020-05-29 Friday
iwanttobuybitcoin The easiest, fastest, and safest way to buy crypto. 1005 2020-06-02 Tuesday
KickEX Fully licensed, next-gen crypto exchange with smart orders 172 2020-06-02 Tuesday
DivCalc Easiest way to calculate your dividend income! 77 2020-06-07 Sunday
HumanIPO 2.0 Grow, and let your supporters profit from your success 359 2020-06-10 Wednesday
Investors Club 2.0 Profitable online businesses vetted & handed right to you 1491 2020-06-18 Thursday
Visible Hands Business news for stakeholder capitalism 135 2020-06-18 Thursday
Motocho A smarter way to trade crypto. 73 2020-06-20 Saturday
finuprise Make an impact through your investments 88 2020-06-23 Tuesday
Don't Blow Up Tools to help you not blow up your trading account 305 2020-06-28 Sunday
DocSend Fundraising Network Data-driven way to connect quality founders to committed VCs 76 2020-06-29 Monday
MCDEX Decentralized exchange for perpetuals 40 2020-06-30 Tuesday
GrowYourBase Nifty Pass Build a portfolio of NFTs automatically 62 2020-07-01 Wednesday
Stokki The easiest investment portfolio tracker. 79 2020-07-04 Saturday