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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Summerian Non-fiction book summaries that make you go "Aha!" 💡 460 2020-01-03 Friday
DarkModeDesign Resources for designing and building dark mode apps 333 2020-01-03 Friday
Solace The first companion app for the transgender experience 75 2020-01-03 Friday
Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2 Bluetooth transforming grip for street photography 59 2020-01-03 Friday
Origin Marketplace Power hundreds of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces 240 2020-01-10 Friday
AccuFit 2.0 Free custom workouts for any place, goal, muscle, difficulty 101 2020-01-10 Friday
File Pack Secure your private files on iOS 44 2020-01-10 Friday
Caliverse Calisthenics exercise app 47 2020-01-10 Friday
Banter Stay in touch with your friends through video messages 37 2020-01-10 Friday
Ground News Pro News comparison platform 1241 2020-01-17 Friday
Vocly Learn vocabulary in 50 languages with fun games 278 2020-01-17 Friday
Front and Center Classic Window Layering for the Mac 46 2020-01-17 Friday
CityBook from A city guide, reimagined 129 2020-01-17 Friday
byte A new looping video app from the founder of Vine 1213 2020-01-24 Friday
Replica Screen Mirroring iOS app for Chromecast 442 2020-01-24 Friday
Cactus for Mobile Guided self-reflection for mindfulness, now with native apps 510 2020-01-24 Friday 2.0 Discover the best plant-based and free-from food products 130 2020-01-24 Friday
RecurPost Social media scheduler with repeating schedules 71 2020-01-24 Friday
Sofa Organize your downtime with lists for movies, books & more 277 2020-01-31 Friday
Simple Cards A powerful and easy-to-use flashcard manager 95 2020-01-31 Friday
Particular Share and showcase your AR creations. No coding required. 59 2020-01-31 Friday
Awesome Social Network Kindness content with creation tools, templates & rewards 163 2020-02-07 Friday
Quemuse Ask questions & get answers 165 2020-02-07 Friday
TaskCause Support nonprofits by doing tasks for friends and family. 65 2020-02-07 Friday
shiftscreen for iPad and iPhone External display for your iPad/iPhone! 190 2020-02-14 Friday
Hobbi A new photo sharing app from Facebook 181 2020-02-14 Friday
Instant Measure Infra-red distance measurement on your iPhone X 131 2020-02-14 Friday
All-new Goodnight Journal Online journal meets community 63 2020-02-14 Friday
Parallel: Relationship Compass Better relationships faster. 52 2020-02-14 Friday
Lupus Online Play Werewolf with your friends and online players. 31 2020-02-14 Friday
Familiar Deepfake yourself in to fun GIFs 2253 2020-02-21 Friday
Hawkeye Access for Mac Control your Mac using head movements 580 2020-02-21 Friday
Alto's Odyssey for Mac Discover the endless desert 183 2020-02-21 Friday
Meal Planning by Spork Fed End the pain of deciding what's for dinner once and for all! 40 2020-02-21 Friday
AirQuality & Weather Chat Live Data and thematic Chat based on the nearest station. 41 2020-02-21 Friday
JOI Journal your emotions to start a happy journey of self-care 442 2020-02-28 Friday
Tot Your tiny text companion. 288 2020-02-28 Friday
Salut Social group messaging that simply works 161 2020-02-28 Friday
Ejimoo Minimal Social Platform. No Comments. Self-confidence gained 45 2020-02-28 Friday
Gathrr Increase your Event's ROI. 37 2020-02-28 Friday
Nez Discover exclusive offers when dining out 34 2020-02-28 Friday
Posity Stay focused on what's important to you 294 2020-03-06 Friday
Series Fast and flexible photo layout for iOS 194 2020-03-06 Friday
Volume Control Pro Control iPhone volume in 1% increments 111 2020-03-06 Friday
Hangtiles Photo tiles you can stick & re-stick on your walls 71 2020-03-06 Friday
Adent Dental care for everyone 63 2020-03-06 Friday
Crello for iOS Create animations and graphics for social media and web 505 2020-03-13 Friday
VSCO Montage Bring your visual storytelling to life through video 169 2020-03-13 Friday
Chessmate Chess for macOS 96 2020-03-13 Friday
Police Scanner Listen to police & fire scanners on your iPhone 71 2020-03-13 Friday