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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Kiara Translation Real-time language translation for Slack for 100 languages 46 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Vocly Learn vocabulary in 50 languages with fun games 278 2020-01-17 Friday
Veed - Translate Video Automatically translate any video into any language online. 282 2020-02-14 Friday
Linguix Check grammar instantly in real-time on your favorite sites 715 2020-02-16 Sunday
Hearling Text to speech for everyone 67 2020-02-18 Tuesday
Translate Me Smart Text, Voice & Camera Translator 88 2020-02-20 Thursday
1000 Words Learn the most common 1000 words of popular languages 631 2020-03-07 Saturday
SmartCards+ Learn faster with spaced repetition 158 2020-03-07 Saturday
iTranslate Keyboard Realtime translation in any messaging app 228 2020-03-11 Wednesday
BlaBla Embrace The New Age Of Teaching English Online 77 2020-03-19 Thursday
WordsTool Teach and learn words with custom word cards and exercises 36 2020-03-22 Sunday
Linguistic Social language learning with automatic fluency tracking 82 2020-04-07 Tuesday
CryptoHack A fun platform for learning cryptography 95 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Lockdown Language Exchange Book native speakers to practice a language during lockdown 60 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Huh? • Lexicon & Thesaurus 50+ Dictionaries • 7+ Languages 29 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Influent An immersive 3D language learning video game 50 2020-04-24 Friday
Woord - Text to Speech Turn the Web into audio using realistic voices 66 2020-04-30 Thursday
Letra Passively learn a new language every time you open a new tab 78 2020-05-01 Friday
Deaf Alphabet Convert plain text into sign language 254 2020-05-02 Saturday
TechTalks A community of engineering, design, product and UX experts 138 2020-05-20 Wednesday
Frontend 50 The most complete frontend learning guide! 242 2020-06-15 Monday
Bungo Search Search free e-books by time-to-read from Project Gutenberg 290 2020-06-28 Sunday
English Pile 7К+ of the most popular words in your hand 334 2020-06-29 Monday
Whats Hunt We help you become an expert in whatever interests you most. 83 2020-07-07 Tuesday
LearnObit 1.0 a web app for learning anything quickly and reliably 78 2020-07-18 Saturday
Mate Translate for Netflix Learn languages by watching Netflix and more. 307 2020-07-21 Tuesday
AlgoCademy Learn Algorithms and ace your Coding Interviews 380 2020-07-22 Wednesday
WordDeposit App A pocket vocabulary for any language you want to learn. 277 2020-07-25 Saturday
Cardinal An elegant bilingual dictionary with flashcards 173 2020-08-08 Saturday
Fluent Learn a new language by browsing the web 2934 2020-08-13 Thursday
Langotto Learn a language the right way 59 2020-08-17 Monday
eJOY for Chrome Learn English effortlessly with your favorite movies & news 271 2020-08-19 Wednesday
OptiLingo App to get you speaking new languages fluently 274 2020-08-22 Saturday
Hablado Learn languages by speaking and listening 45 2020-08-26 Wednesday
Toucan Learn a new language while you browse the internet 2110 2020-09-07 Monday
Sounter Learn languages with music. Over 100K songs. 64 2020-09-15 Tuesday
Vocavore Learn your own vocabulary lists with Quiz games 17 2020-09-16 Wednesday
Voicemail Love Mail an audio message to family and friends as a unique gift 109 2020-09-18 Friday
SpeakyReads Advanced language learning using audio paragraphs 32 2020-09-20 Sunday
Univoice Learn languages through music 72 2020-09-25 Friday
HelloWords Learn languages fast with vocabulary games. 39 2020-10-12 Monday
LangKick Useful phrase every time you check your feed 33 2020-10-16 Friday
Duolingo Podcast Easy-to understand fascinating stories 44 2020-10-23 Friday
Der Die Das Look up articles of German nouns really fast 🇩🇪 144 2020-10-26 Monday
Dictionariez Facilitate your language learning with tons of dictionaries 29 2020-11-07 Saturday
Kanji Time Japanese anywhere: from Apple Watch to the Mac 202 2020-12-14 Monday
Fresh Cards Flashcards that just work 318 2020-12-20 Sunday
Captionz Watch YouTube with dual captions, A-B repeat and more 44 2020-12-23 Wednesday
FastBraille Easily convert English to Braille with integrated API 50 2020-12-24 Thursday