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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Timeless Reduce time anxiety. 304 2020-01-02 Thursday
Unplug Alarm Protect your MacBook from theft 141 2020-01-06 Monday
PopDo A quick task list for your Mac menu bar 70 2020-01-06 Monday
File Cabinet Pro File manager for the menu bar 56 2020-01-13 Monday
InstaRemind Quickly create Apple Reminders 49 2020-01-13 Monday
Nocturnal Have more control over your screen at night 🌙 73 2020-01-14 Tuesday
Screenie 2 Search the text inside your screenshots 597 2020-01-16 Thursday
All Windows Appear Click one window, see all other related windows 222 2020-01-17 Friday
Hard G Find and save GIFs on your Mac 37 2020-01-18 Saturday
Crypto Pro for macOS Portfolio tracking, menu bar widget, news, prices and alerts 180 2020-01-19 Sunday
CoronaVirus Outbreak Tracker Track coronavirus - COVID-19 outbreak from your menubar. 194 2020-01-25 Saturday
Breathe Meditations for Mac Immerse yourself in nature. Increase pleasant feelings. 42 2020-02-12 Wednesday
Horo Start timers with fast and easy natural language 158 2020-02-15 Saturday
SubClock A smarter menu bar clock for macOS 87 2020-02-17 Monday
2FA to Tray The missing 2FA manager for macOS. 166 2020-02-22 Saturday
Elevator Cryptocurrency price charts for your MacBook menu bar 34 2020-03-02 Monday
Ses macOS tray app to control your Sonos speakers ecosystem 48 2020-03-03 Tuesday
OrangeTasks A simple to-do app for your macos menubar 4 2020-03-05 Thursday
Caffeinated Keeps your Mac awake. 139 2020-03-08 Sunday
snipnote Organize your day with tasks, notes & checklists 79 2020-03-11 Wednesday
Year Progress for Mac The year's progress in your Mac menubar 39 2020-03-16 Monday
Hand Mirror for Mac A one-click camera check, right from the menu bar 265 2020-03-18 Wednesday
Instant Video from CloudApp Instant video for CloudApp now makes it 5x faster to share 118 2020-03-20 Friday
Hover See the contents of windows in an always-on-top window. 40 2020-03-21 Saturday
Jot Simplest notes app for the Mac Menu Bar the world has seen. 181 2020-03-23 Monday
Colormate – Color Picker Minimalist color picker & palette organizer 369 2020-03-29 Sunday
MonkeyMind Get it out of your mind and back to work 42 2020-04-01 Wednesday
SnipperApp 2 Native macOS code snippets manager with syntax highlighting 834 2020-04-05 Sunday
Alias Save and manage shortcuts in your macOS menubar 184 2020-04-05 Sunday
Zappy for macOS Zapier's fast, free screen capture tool for remote teams 431 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Service Station Customize your right-click menu 85 2020-04-09 Thursday
Moves for macOS Position macOS windows like a goddamn wizard ✨ 319 2020-04-10 Friday
Quick Check Quick and smart todo manager 111 2020-04-10 Friday
Focusify Hide distracting elements, focus on your deep thinking 41 2020-04-10 Friday
Stand App 2 A simple Mac app to make standing a habit. 80 2020-04-17 Friday
Umbra app The missing app for dark mode 192 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Presentify Screen Annotation and Cursor Highlight for Mac 243 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Flow A pomodoro based work timer to help you get things done 860 2020-04-26 Sunday
Inboard Organize screenshots like a private version of Pinterest 163 2020-04-27 Monday
CleanShot X Capture your Mac’s screen like a PRO ⚡️ 2024 2020-04-28 Tuesday
Jiffy Discover & share the best GIFs — right from your menu bar 400 2020-04-30 Thursday
Slacker Never show up as idle on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc 161 2020-05-07 Thursday
Time Lines Know WHEN people are up 266 2020-05-08 Friday
Meeter Hop in and out of calls, directly from your menu bar 392 2020-05-10 Sunday
Jump In Meeting Connect to your conference calls from the menu bar 247 2020-05-10 Sunday
Coherence X for macOS Turn websites into powerful chromium-based applications. 385 2020-05-12 Tuesday
PopNotes The notes app that lives in the status bar of your Mac 190 2020-05-13 Wednesday
SpeedDial for macOS Call, FaceTime, WhatsApp your favorite contacts from menubar 53 2020-05-16 Saturday
Command E Blazing-fast search for your cloud & computer 282 2020-05-19 Tuesday
Tuck Dock windows to the edge of your screen 366 2020-05-30 Saturday