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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Typehut Super simple publishing platform 216 2020-01-02 Thursday
Trebble FM Get informed in just a few minutes a day with shortcasts 🎧 110 2020-01-05 Sunday
NewsSavvy Stay on top of trending news 36 2020-01-07 Tuesday
Seedtable An authentic voice into European tech, business and politics 68 2020-01-09 Thursday
Ground News Pro News comparison platform 1241 2020-01-17 Friday
Submarine Two More than a Reddit app. Desktop-quality multitasking for iOS 100 2020-01-18 Saturday
Morning Walk App AI-powered news reader to have your stories read to you! 50 2020-01-25 Saturday
Noonification Hacker Noon's best tech stories emailed at noon 279 2020-01-27 Monday
Climatescape Discover the organizations solving climate change 🌎 246 2020-01-28 Tuesday
HackerNews reader on Android HackerNews reader powered by Algolia's API 45 2020-01-30 Thursday
The Coronavirus App Follow the epidemic in real time 837 2020-02-01 Saturday
Vincent Your one-stop inbox for design and frontend news. 406 2020-02-05 Wednesday
Changeletter A bite-sized, actionable, sustainability newsletter 332 2020-02-05 Wednesday
Yaheard Ready to argue? 61 2020-02-05 Wednesday
News Monitoring Get more press by monitoring articles with filters & alerts 158 2020-02-12 Wednesday
InfoPost Fight fake news with Advanced AI on your phone 67 2020-02-13 Thursday
NewsTab This extension is for those who needs news from all sources. 32 2020-02-15 Saturday
Enkel RSS Reader The clean and simple RSS Reader 76 2020-02-16 Sunday
Bookshlf Content worth sharing 281 2020-03-04 Wednesday
Breaker for Android Listening to podcasts on Android has never been better! 74 2020-03-10 Tuesday
ReadMo Reading mode with an audio player 📖🎧 63 2020-03-11 Wednesday
Short All you need to know in 30 seconds. 54 2020-03-11 Wednesday
Thread News News. Not noise. 104 2020-03-12 Thursday
Counting Corona Daily counter for new coronavirus infections 236 2020-03-13 Friday
Police Scanner Listen to police & fire scanners on your iPhone 71 2020-03-13 Friday
Volv World's latest stories in 9-second reads. No BS. No bias. 385 2020-03-16 Monday Listen to your favorite newsletters. For free. 75 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Weedico Daily newsletter covering the emerging cannabis industry. 83 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Remote Makers Get inspired by interviews with people working remotely. 157 2020-03-20 Friday
Coronadex COVID-19 Tracker, News, and Tweets 45 2020-03-22 Sunday
Just stay home Track the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic per country 🌍 246 2020-03-24 Tuesday
COVID-19 Trends See the growth and decline of topics affected by COVID-19 471 2020-03-25 Wednesday
New Google Podcasts Google Podcasts is launching a redesign on iOS and Android 311 2020-03-25 Wednesday
Naby News app that uses social media to curate must-read stories. 106 2020-03-26 Thursday
Corona Reader by Panda Read the latest news and find useful resources about COVID 248 2020-03-27 Friday Coronavirus live stats website. 277 2020-03-29 Sunday
Coronavirus Containment Stats Virus “inactivation" as a % of the total number of cases 24 2020-03-29 Sunday
Coronavirus Updates Live Live updates on the global coronavirus outbreak 424 2020-03-31 Tuesday
Coronavirus Statistics Real time coronavirus tracker with live news 705 2020-04-04 Saturday
Treendly Discover and monitor rapidly growing trends 850 2020-04-06 Monday
Muck Rack Trends Google Trends for analyzing news articles 75 2020-04-07 Tuesday
Tech To The Rescue Tech Companies helping NGOs fight COVID-19 crisis for free 180 2020-04-09 Thursday
7reads A minimal mindful reading list for Google Chrome. 207 2020-04-12 Sunday
VirusUpdates Minimalist live counter for coronavirus infections 392 2020-04-16 Thursday
Views 4 Beautiful News & Podcasts App for iOS & macOS ✨📰 355 2020-04-20 Monday
No-Code Report Weekly summary of no-code news 213 2020-04-20 Monday
SpotlightNews Now your newsfeed is authentic, local and 100% yours 38 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Coronavirus Near Me Easily track coronavirus (COVID-19) stats near your location 58 2020-04-23 Thursday
TrueStory Similar news with opposing views 88 2020-04-26 Sunday
Coronavirus Tracker 2.0 Track coronavirus curve flattening and doubling days 442 2020-04-27 Monday