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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Memo Take smarter notes with GitHub Gists, anywhere. 341 2020-01-03 Friday
30 seconds of code Short code snippets for all your development needs 921 2020-01-07 Tuesday
Astuto An open source customer feedback tool 🦊 328 2020-01-10 Friday
Beedii Hand drawn emoji font with 40+ emojis and icons 185 2020-01-11 Saturday
Saleor Commerce The world’s fastest-growing open-source e-commerce platform 305 2020-01-15 Wednesday
PlayVi A better way to create collaborative Spotify playlists 🙌 110 2020-01-15 Wednesday
massCode A free and open source code snippets manager for developers. 259 2020-01-20 Monday
DIY Air Purifier Build your own air purifier for under $100 107 2020-01-22 Wednesday
React Nice Dates A responsive, touch-friendly date picker library for React. 208 2020-01-23 Thursday
JetBrains Mono A free font that makes it easier for devs to read code 🛠️ 562 2020-01-24 Friday
Fider Collect and priortize product feedback 251 2020-01-24 Friday
Safe Eyes Protect your eyes from repetitive strain 176 2020-01-26 Sunday
Climatescape Discover the organizations solving climate change 🌎 246 2020-01-28 Tuesday
Deviceplane Device management for embedded systems and edge computing 163 2020-01-28 Tuesday
30 seconds of C# Short C# code snippets for all your development needs 46 2020-01-28 Tuesday
DeepSource for Go Static analysis you'd actually use 98 2020-01-29 Wednesday
Ovuli Ovulation calculator in your terminal 132 2020-02-01 Saturday
GitFirst Search GitHub projects with ease 64 2020-02-01 Saturday
NWS Alerts National weather service alerts for your Windows desktop 23 2020-02-03 Monday
UPI Stack for Businesses💸 by Cashfree Collect & disburse UPI payments. 1 stack, 15+integrations. 181 2020-02-05 Wednesday
Quemuse Ask questions & get answers 165 2020-02-07 Friday
Good First Issue Make your first open-source contribution 329 2020-02-09 Sunday
Offset List Companies that are offsetting their carbon emissions. 191 2020-02-09 Sunday
Uppload v2 File uploading widget with 20+ plugins, no backend required 898 2020-02-10 Monday
Datree 2.0 Enforce best practices and security policies on every commit 351 2020-02-11 Tuesday
NewsTab This extension is for those who needs news from all sources. 32 2020-02-15 Saturday
2FA to Tray The missing 2FA manager for macOS. 166 2020-02-22 Saturday
Help Me Read This App for seniors to scan and read printed text out loud. 113 2020-02-23 Sunday
Airframe React Dashboard (Free) Components a developer needs to build data-intensive webapps 209 2020-02-27 Thursday
Opensource Builders Find open-source alternatives to commercial apps 1223 2020-02-29 Saturday
glitch-this Create highly customizable glitched images and GIFs! 257 2020-02-29 Saturday Intuitive WYSIWYG web editor, open source & fully adaptable. 252 2020-03-01 Sunday
Tutorbook All-in-one peer tutoring management for schools. 85 2020-03-01 Sunday
Kuote Create Medium-like quotes, perfect for sharing on Twitter. 266 2020-03-02 Monday
Monitoror Unified monitoring wallboard 189 2020-03-05 Thursday
Vue Formulate The easiest way to build forms with Vue 288 2020-03-08 Sunday
BeatMix Enables shuffle and radio for multiple artists in Spotify 142 2020-03-08 Sunday
Shorthand CSS Feature rich CSS framework for the new decade 441 2020-03-11 Wednesday
MDB Angular Mobile UI Kit Material Design for Bootstrap with Angular & NativeScript 77 2020-03-11 Wednesday
StreetviewHub Teleport to random places from Google Street View. 👀 63 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Frame.IoT An Arduino-compatible dev kit for wi-fi projects 44 2020-03-24 Tuesday
Spinners React Lightweight SVG/CSS spinners for React 276 2020-03-30 Monday
Cube.js Web Analytics Build your own Google Analytics alternative 514 2020-03-31 Tuesday
Healthcast Privacy friendly post-lockdown COVID-19 contact tracing 104 2020-04-01 Wednesday
Tapioca Open-source Slack bot for team bonding during quarantine 85 2020-04-01 Wednesday
CoDoc19 Essential COVID-19 info at your fingertips 81 2020-04-05 Sunday
Snyk Develop fast. Stay secure 85 2020-04-06 Monday
Stay At Home Valley Interactive map of Silicon Valley & your favorite startups. 178 2020-04-09 Thursday
Tech To The Rescue Tech Companies helping NGOs fight COVID-19 crisis for free 180 2020-04-09 Thursday
CoronaBLOCK for Facebook Take a break from Facebook posts related to COVID-19 241 2020-04-12 Sunday