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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Equity Token Automate your fundraise 129 2020-01-01 Wednesday
PayLor.Me 2.0 via Stripe Payments and subscriptions via a personalised link 170 2020-01-06 Monday
Upflow Cash collection, made easy. 861 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Sable Free bank account and credit card for internationals 811 2020-01-16 Thursday Bank that fights medical debt with a free $5K emergency fund 483 2020-01-16 Thursday
PangoPay Get paid faster. 76 2020-02-05 Wednesday
Mixily Create and manage events in a snap. 365 2020-02-20 Thursday
Prelisted Get paid to find your apartment's next renter 64 2020-02-28 Friday
FamPay Numberless Card India’s first neobank for teenagers 113 2020-03-13 Friday
RelayPay Spend your crypto, your way 42 2020-03-17 Tuesday
Cauze Donate to any nonprofit in the US from your couch 65 2020-03-26 Thursday
CrewPay Hassle-free 1099-MISC filing and contractor payments. 25 2020-03-26 Thursday
Sales Funnels by Create hyper-personalized sales funnels in minutes ✅ 298 2020-03-30 Monday
Shoppable Quizzes by Guide your customers to the perfect product automatically 🎯 127 2020-04-08 Wednesday
Loftit Collect rent, fix repairs & pay contractors. 40 2020-04-10 Friday
Goodly Tax-Free Student Loan Benefits The CARES Act allows employers to pay student loans tax free 61 2020-04-16 Thursday
Paneau Gift Cards A free gift card platform for small businesses 276 2020-04-17 Friday
Payment Pages by Collect Stripe & PayPal payments online with custom pages 558 2020-04-20 Monday
Oyster™ Hire, pay, and give great benefits to your distributed team. 95 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Payhere Storefront Quick and simple landing pages with payments included 439 2020-04-22 Wednesday
Request Create A simple way to get paid in crypto 151 2020-04-22 Wednesday
SimpleFunnel Collect payments without writing code (Stripe) 485 2020-04-26 Sunday
Shop (by Shopify) Your new shopping assistant. Pay, track, and shop - better. 1187 2020-04-28 Tuesday
NOWPayments Crypto payments made easy 88 2020-04-29 Wednesday
Stilt Free US bank account and card for Immigrants 1333 2020-05-07 Thursday
Ona Find the perfect caregiver for your loved one 29 2020-05-19 Tuesday
Plasma Rooms E2E Encrypted and unlimited group video calls with payments 227 2020-06-08 Monday
Credit Card Forms for PayPal Create professional order forms for your website in minutes 623 2020-06-09 Tuesday
Deel 2.0 Payroll for remote teams 715 2020-06-16 Tuesday
Billsby Powerful subscription billing for recurring payments. 1247 2020-06-18 Thursday
SuperPortal The missing no-code Stripe customer portal - it's free. 378 2020-06-18 Thursday
PayID It's like an email address for payments 554 2020-06-19 Friday
ZELF Instant money in messengers 4867 2020-06-24 Wednesday
Coinflip Accept in-person payments universally 53 2020-06-24 Wednesday
Stripe Billing Customer Portal Stripe-hosted page for customers to manage subscriptions 615 2020-06-29 Monday Create your personal payment page 181 2020-07-08 Wednesday
Uviba Chargeback Protection 😷 Prevent chargebacks & disputes 😷 the same way as Amazon 🛒 90 2020-07-08 Wednesday
Uviba Unified Payments Integrate all payment channels via one single API 31 2020-07-09 Thursday
QR Code Payments Cashless transactions for your business 382 2020-07-13 Monday
Clever Company Cards by Spendesk Smart employee company cards with built-in spending policies 773 2020-07-15 Wednesday
SecuraCart The easiest way to accept one-time and recurring payments. 134 2020-07-21 Tuesday
QuickBooks Cash 1% APY and more than just a bank account 172 2020-07-30 Thursday
Income Tax by Quicko Do-it-yourself tax filing for India 285 2020-08-20 Thursday
Deal Accept payments with QR codes or unique links 574 2020-08-21 Friday
Penny Get your invoices paid instantly 285 2020-08-25 Tuesday
Cogni People-driven digital banking app designed w/ you in mind. 802 2020-08-26 Wednesday
ChimpCharge Super simple invoicing for freelancers 265 2020-08-29 Saturday
Subscription Payments by Launch a subscription business in one day 567 2020-08-31 Monday Enabling brands + creators to sell inside SMS and WhatsApp 277 2020-09-01 Tuesday
Payables by Tulsi Manage payables before it ruins your business reputation 43 2020-09-01 Tuesday