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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
PlayVi A better way to create collaborative Spotify playlists 🙌 110 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Spotify for Pets Music for you and your pet, based on the music you love 154 2020-01-16 Thursday
JamBuddy Find and collaborate with musicians around you thru Spotify 49 2020-01-19 Sunday
PLYLST Smart playlists for Spotify 1073 2020-02-03 Monday
LOKI Record 10 seconds a day & make a life movie. 1286 2020-02-04 Tuesday
Spindrop An Internet radio app with an intelligent mashup DJ 59 2020-02-08 Saturday
SpotiApp Export music to Spotify from any musical services 441 2020-03-02 Monday Record a radio-like podcast and let your listeners call in🎙 399 2020-03-03 Tuesday
BeatMix Enables shuffle and radio for multiple artists in Spotify 142 2020-03-08 Sunday
Brots Discover new artists performing near you by swiping music 84 2020-03-10 Tuesday
Spotify Mosaic Creates a mosaic of an image from selected Spotify playlist 84 2020-03-13 Friday
Bops Music Share recently played and saved Spotify songs with friends! 92 2020-03-20 Friday
Resoundly Start a podcast without recording a thing 461 2020-03-24 Tuesday
Nofanity Music Remove profanity from music on Spotify or Apple Music 52 2020-04-06 Monday
we:fm for web Listen to the same music with friends, at the same time. 157 2020-04-17 Friday
MusicTwin Finder Find your MusicTwin by your Spotify playlists in 5 seconds. 115 2020-04-25 Saturday
Playlist Souffle Swap Spotify playlist tracks based on album or artist 89 2020-04-25 Saturday
Entourage Keep a list on Twitter with your top Spotify artists 39 2020-04-25 Saturday
Coverify Create your own custom cover art for Spotify playlists. 324 2020-04-27 Monday
Gnarlist Create collaborative Spotify playlists with rules 333 2020-04-28 Tuesday
Artworker Preview album art before submitting to Spotify & Apple Music 33 2020-05-03 Sunday
MangoMoji Combine emojis, make music 🎶 29 2020-05-03 Sunday
Your Top Lockdown Songs Find out your what your most played songs are in isolation! 38 2020-05-10 Sunday
Spotify Group Session Share DJ duties with anyone in your immediate vicinity 306 2020-05-12 Tuesday
TuneMeet Chat with people who are listening to the same song 85 2020-05-23 Saturday
Fraydio Least awkward way of starting a group call with your friends 135 2020-06-06 Saturday
Devialet Smart & intuitive companion app for your Phantom speakers 26 2020-06-07 Sunday
Sounder Discovery-first podcast management platform 292 2020-06-25 Thursday
The Music Importer Copy your Apple Music 🎵 library into Spotify easily 🚀 67 2020-06-25 Thursday
Feel with Me Connecting through the music you both love 39 2020-07-15 Wednesday
Spotify Video Podcasts Connect with your favorite podcasts with video content 413 2020-07-22 Wednesday
The Ops Show YouTube show and podcast covering the developer journey 110 2020-07-28 Tuesday
SameTunes Music social network to compare, share, and discover music. 724 2020-08-05 Wednesday
TuneTrack Music statistics on demand. 73 2020-08-18 Tuesday
180songs Discover 180 degrees different songs from your music styles 62 2020-08-26 Wednesday
Listen by Label Search record label catalogs on Spotify and Apple Music 37 2020-09-27 Sunday
remixr Discover new music based on the playlists you know and love. 186 2020-09-28 Monday
Streamradiox Spotify for streamers 338 2020-10-15 Thursday
Shows with Music, from Anchor & Spotify Combine your talk segments with music and share to Spotify. 196 2020-10-15 Thursday
DiscVibe Create personalized and contextualized Spotify playlists 34 2020-11-01 Sunday
Spotiplus Make badass cover arts for your Spotify playlists 🎶 199 2020-11-04 Wednesday
Wilt "What I’m Listening To" for Slack. 25 2020-11-18 Wednesday
Slapper Audio moodboard for Spotify and Youtube segments 60 2020-11-23 Monday
2020 Wrapped by Spotify The songs you loved most this year, all wrapped up. 495 2020-12-02 Wednesday Discover new Japanese artists and music through your Spotify 250 2020-12-05 Saturday
Wrapped Compare Compare your Spotify Wrapped 2020 with friends 🎵 262 2020-12-05 Saturday
Associated Podcast Broadening access to VC by interviewing junior investors. 75 2020-12-05 Saturday
Discover Weekly Autosaver Autosave your Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify 145 2020-12-06 Sunday
Riffbase Save snippets of Spotify tracks 168 2020-12-07 Monday
Palcast Better Spotify Wrapped for podcast fans 182 2020-12-09 Wednesday