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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Lupus Online Play Werewolf with your friends and online players. 31 2020-02-14 Friday
Poker in Place Video poker with your friends while you shelter in place 287 2020-04-20 Monday
Netstory A new generation of text adventures and interactive fiction. 85 2020-04-21 Tuesday
Blocktionary Game Guess famous characters and objects in their blocky forms. 40 2020-05-23 Saturday
City Guesser A GeoGuessr spinoff that utilizes real life footage 70 2020-08-16 Sunday
Kingdom Two Crowns Minimal, side-scrolling, micro strategy game. 471 2020-09-04 Friday
Swopstakes The world's greatest sweepstake 79 2020-09-09 Wednesday Pixel art battle online 41 2020-10-27 Tuesday
1D Chess Test your skills and strategy with 1D Chess 30 2020-12-24 Thursday
Guess Up Online multiplayer game to play with friends and family 265 2020-12-29 Tuesday
The Startup's Gambit Which chess opening best captures your startup’s strategy? 166 2020-12-30 Wednesday