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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Personas Tool by FlowMapp Create beautiful Products 👨‍💻✨👩‍💻 748 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Do Not Be Square Record a free unique animated email signature in 3 steps 322 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Breaker 1.0 for iOS New version of the popular podcast app 250 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Nativizer Convert any web application into native iOS & Android apps 280 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Booknetic Appointment booking system 238 2020-01-21 Tuesday
LetsDecide Manage and track decisions. Decide better and faster. 274 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Repod Podcast discovery is better together 110 2020-01-21 Tuesday
The Chemistry App All the chemistry you need in your pocket 66 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Mine Discover and control what the internet knows about you 4464 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Changefeed v2 A beautiful changelog for your product in seconds 608 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Zubtitle Automatic video captions. Ready for social media in minutes. 285 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Enabling Top Performing Sales Teams How SaaS leaders onboard, train & develop their sales teams. 392 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Squareshot for Shopify Get your products shot on a scale to grow your Shopify sales 360 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Kowalla The world's first fully-online coworking space. 285 2020-01-22 Wednesday
How to get a job in tech Step-by-step guides to nail your job search 262 2020-01-22 Wednesday
DIY Air Purifier Build your own air purifier for under $100 107 2020-01-22 Wednesday
ToffeeShare 2.0 Transfer files privately, securely and without size limit 110 2020-01-22 Wednesday
CoinTracker Free Calculate cryptocurrency taxes for free 127 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Overlooked Our mission is to end fake news. 58 2020-01-22 Wednesday
UnderPinned One app to manage your projects from start to finish. 56 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Givingli Send beautiful cards and gifts from your phone! 50 2020-01-22 Wednesday
Containers Web Wireframe Kit High-quality wireframe kit for design and prototyping. 657 2020-01-23 Thursday
Sideway A community of designers showcasing published work. 341 2020-01-23 Thursday
CV Compiler for Product Managers Fine-tune your PM resume in no time 339 2020-01-23 Thursday
take care 150+ sustainable alternatives for products and services 🌿 186 2020-01-23 Thursday
Asteroid Video Create high-resolution videos in just a few taps 128 2020-01-23 Thursday
Birch Organized photo notes - Notes, for visual individuals 91 2020-01-23 Thursday
abe The Kayak of online sports betting 99 2020-01-23 Thursday
Changes Beautiful changelogs for saas products. 122 2020-01-23 Thursday
Bitkick Crypto trading designed better. 49 2020-01-23 Thursday
moveBuddha Should I move for work? 1030 2020-01-24 Friday
JetBrains Mono A free font that makes it easier for devs to read code 🛠️ 562 2020-01-24 Friday
Contential JSON, Excel to GraphQL in seconds - Blazing Fast Data Store 360 2020-01-24 Friday
Fider Collect and priortize product feedback 251 2020-01-24 Friday
Wibbitz Studio Create professional videos in minutes 192 2020-01-24 Friday
Entale for Android Entale's AI helps you get more from your podcasts on Android 60 2020-01-24 Friday
Shake Light App that turns on the flashlight with a shake of the phone 47 2020-01-24 Friday
Userbase Add user accounts & data persistence to your static site. 945 2020-01-25 Saturday
FlickType Watch Keyboard The Apple Watch's missing keyboard 178 2020-01-25 Saturday
Olinkia Olinkia let's you easily save and organize your links 134 2020-01-25 Saturday
Duct The premier subcontract management platform, free to use. 144 2020-01-25 Saturday
Pinc Pin codes and short passwords organizer. 319 2020-01-26 Sunday
Trash Use AI to make and share short videos 283 2020-01-26 Sunday
Livestora Magical photos that come to life (like in Harry Potter!) 46 2020-01-26 Sunday
Principles of Product Management 200 pages of PM best practices from Amazon, FB, and more. 798 2020-01-27 Monday
Noonification Hacker Noon's best tech stories emailed at noon 279 2020-01-27 Monday
Coderslang An app to help you learn to code 277 2020-01-27 Monday
GroupCal Next generation shared calendar 209 2020-01-27 Monday The shorter, safer, more useful link shortener 78 2020-01-27 Monday
SkiBuds Find friends to ski and snowboard with 38 2020-01-27 Monday