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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Community Calling Regifting old smartphones to help the digitally disconnected 3 2020-05-14 Thursday
Wonderful Self-esteem diary 6 2020-05-14 Thursday
ControlHub Control your Company's Spending 12 2020-04-23 Thursday
Cellmate Chastity Cage A chastity belt you can't unlock 12 2020-10-06 Tuesday
SimpleSwap Easy way to swap Bitcoin & Altcoins 12 2020-10-26 Monday
Automeasify Simplified IT operation service automation. 13 2020-10-12 Monday
Datadog Synthetics Monitor user experience with self-maintaining browser tests 15 2020-04-15 Wednesday A live platform for meaningful conversation 15 2020-09-22 Tuesday
BAITCAMP Fishing log, planner and picture taking tool all in one app. 15 2020-11-16 Monday
Tit for Tot Breastfeeding Emoji App Breastfeeding emojis - Normalize. Support. Laugh. 16 2020-02-16 Sunday
Okkiy Become Someone's Boredom Buster 16 2020-05-19 Tuesday
D&B Email IQ Raise your Email IQ and receive 50 free contacts per month! 16 2020-11-18 Wednesday
Sell Cluster CRM Secure CRM made in Canada for Canadians 17 2020-10-09 Friday
WaveTrackR v3.0 Streamline your recruiting and candidate acquisition 18 2020-01-19 Sunday
Stock Alarm Realtime Stock Alerts 18 2020-04-09 Thursday
Step It Up A pedometer for iPhone and Apple Watch with widgets 18 2020-10-03 Saturday Slack Alerts Trigger Slack alerts using your query results 19 2020-01-31 Friday
TribeLane Discover activities near you via mobile 19 2020-11-02 Monday
Biblo Trade your books with anyone in the USA 19 2020-11-18 Wednesday
Crest Location analytics for Etsy sellers 19 2020-11-18 Wednesday
HiddenVault Store Pics + Vids on your iPhone with end-to-end encryption 19 2020-12-02 Wednesday
Zoom out the Vote Generate custom Zoom backgrounds to help your friends vote 20 2020-10-21 Wednesday
Evedo Events done better 20 2020-11-05 Thursday Make Youtube accessible with community captions 21 2020-09-30 Wednesday
Geenees A gifting platform for families in need. 21 2020-11-10 Tuesday
Setlist Web app solving group music listening. 22 2020-01-12 Sunday
ZeRecommender AI powered recommendations engine for online stores. 22 2020-03-09 Monday
Easy Squeezy Your tips counted right 22 2020-06-19 Friday
TreeExchange Automagically convert your DigitalOcean usage into trees 22 2020-10-30 Friday
Rapyd Protect Reduce payment risk while safeguarding your customers 22 2020-11-13 Friday
We're Only Human (podcast) A podcast celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit 23 2020-01-06 Monday
MyCoronaHelper Connecting superheros to the most COVID-19 vulnerable 23 2020-03-20 Friday
ELKman Elasticsearch management tools 23 2020-06-18 Thursday
KUVRD Universal Lens Hood The one hood for every lens 📸 23 2020-10-07 Wednesday
Prostgles Isomorphic TypeScript client for PostgreSQL with replication 23 2020-10-12 Monday
Onstipe Collect & display live social media feed anywhere for free! 23 2020-10-16 Friday
Pumpkin Carver Carve pumpkins and showcase them in a virtual festival 23 2020-10-31 Saturday
Privacy Indicator iOS 14 Style camera & mic usage indicator 23 2020-11-04 Wednesday
repostatus Get happiness status of your repo 23 2020-11-04 Wednesday
Travlled Personalize your stay & get exclusive offers from your hotel 23 2020-11-04 Wednesday
CodeScan DevOps quality and security for the Saleforce platform 23 2020-11-06 Friday
Let Me Vent Speed business therapy sessions for $29 23 2020-11-24 Tuesday
Vodify Video-Based Q&A with real people 23 2020-12-03 Thursday
Keyory Ask recurring questions, get aggregated responses 24 2020-03-10 Tuesday
Ootsuk Igniting the sleeping curiosity of children 24 2020-05-22 Friday
Devialet Gemini Earbuds Sleek wireless headphones with active noise cancelling 24 2020-10-11 Sunday
Flickity Fully managed websites for Indie filmmakers 24 2020-10-20 Tuesday
DroidGraph Test GraphQL API from your phone! 24 2020-12-11 Friday
My.Church Connect your entire congregation and grow together. 25 2020-05-03 Sunday
Covidnineteen See live outbreaks, news and statistics for COVID-19 25 2020-05-03 Sunday