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Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
RunFit Your weekly running tracker 243 2020-12-30 Wednesday
Take a Break Reminders to take breaks and sync with others 148 2020-12-30 Wednesday
Tomato 2 Delightful pomodoro app 429 2020-12-18 Friday
TaskBite Centralize product management and track time using Pomodoro. 36 2020-12-17 Thursday
Simple 2.0 See where your time was spent 79 2020-12-10 Thursday
Cap Moderate your site usage. Get control of your browsing back. 71 2020-12-05 Saturday
Cuckoo Cuckoo is a productivity timer for remote teams. 25 2020-12-04 Friday
Weekly Planner 2.0 A habit tracker, calendar and planner, to keep you focused. 58 2020-11-01 Sunday
Code Anywhere Discover where you code best 114 2020-10-30 Friday
DoHabits Premium habits and goals tracker 140 2020-10-19 Monday
Selfocus Create focus work sessions and eliminate distractions 🕒 383 2020-10-10 Saturday
Orbit for iOS A cleanly designed, intuitive time tracking & invoicing app 93 2020-10-08 Thursday
TimeText Effortless time tracking over text message 32 2020-09-28 Monday
Toggl Track It’s time to get your team on track. 152 2020-09-24 Thursday
Olympia Task management app designed to 10x your focus 47 2020-09-22 Tuesday
TagTime Web Time tracking that randomly samples you 53 2020-09-20 Sunday
WFH Wakeup Energize your WFH routine with movement breaks. 205 2020-09-17 Thursday
Focused Work Focus and structure your time effectively, every day. 374 2020-09-08 Tuesday
TikTick Time tracking made simple 86 2020-09-07 Monday
Neo (Beta) Meeting notes, agendas, tasks, and time management 90 2020-09-03 Thursday
Llama A fun, flexible, task manager for desktop web 401 2020-08-26 Wednesday
Session Pomodoro timer w/ distraction blocking, journal & analytics 549 2020-08-19 Wednesday
ProgressKer The all-in-one progress tracker app for your daily routine 259 2020-08-18 Tuesday
wnr Better than pomodoro, this timer app balances work and rest. 381 2020-08-16 Sunday
Timizer Time tracking app for freelancers 🗓🥳 70 2020-08-12 Wednesday
Today Make your side project a daily habit 521 2020-08-11 Tuesday
Tascflow Time tracker that stops automatically for breaks 50 2020-08-08 Saturday
100 Days of Code VS Code Extension A VS Code extension to track your 100 Days of Code progress. 444 2020-08-07 Friday
ActivityTracker 3 Track your all-day activity without wearing a fitness gadget 156 2020-08-04 Tuesday
Pomodororo A minimalist Pomodoro timer 286 2020-08-02 Sunday
StretchMinder Work break timer with guided movement & breathing exercises 228 2020-07-30 Thursday
Odi timer Will make estimations of your tasks more predictable 50 2020-07-28 Tuesday
HYPER ACTION An external brain for productivity junkies 136 2020-07-25 Saturday
TimeChi Your smart productivity tool 215 2020-07-20 Monday
Effectivenezz Visualize, manage and track your precious time 122 2020-07-19 Sunday
TillWhen v0.0.0 A super-simple time tracker 95 2020-07-19 Sunday
FocusMonkey Next-gen focus timer with adaptive music using Spotify 72 2020-07-16 Thursday
Calamari + Slack Integration Time-off tracking and timesheets in Slack 101 2020-07-02 Thursday
Sales Script Generator by Build the perfect script for sales calls - for free! 372 2020-06-24 Wednesday
Prodeus Track your time learning on YouTube to earn your free degree 534 2020-06-23 Tuesday
Orbit for macOS Time tracking & invoicing 51 2020-06-21 Sunday
TIJD Register your time effortlessly 263 2020-06-18 Thursday
Trackiem Your All-in-one tracker 60 2020-06-18 Thursday
DashCalendar Google Calendar meets goal tracking, planning, & analytics 62 2020-06-15 Monday
Empoche Automatic time-tracking combined with task management 545 2020-06-06 Saturday
Sprints The quick and simple Pomodoro timer for Mac 291 2020-06-05 Friday
Sol Become more mindful of your time 66 2020-06-03 Wednesday
Busy Spend less time tracking time 214 2020-05-26 Tuesday
Skyhop A digital flight log for general aviation 22 2020-05-22 Friday
Tap Me Every X Minutes Repeating notifications for Watch 61 2020-05-19 Tuesday