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by sagunsh

Name Tagline Votes Date Day Categories Makers
Own the 2020s This decade, give up time to gain time 290 2020-01-02 Thursday
Dropover Mac app for easier drag & drop 224 2020-01-02 Thursday
DarkModeDesign Resources for designing and building dark mode apps 333 2020-01-03 Friday
Font Generator Visually preview fonts for IG and Twitter 205 2020-01-03 Friday
Safeguard Blockchain-based, decentralised password manager 190 2020-01-04 Saturday
Eventime Track & countdown your favorite events! 67 2020-01-04 Saturday
OpenThem Open your favorite websites when launching Chrome 62 2020-01-04 Saturday
Osiris Browser for iOS Ad-free, secure, incredibly fast browser 73 2020-01-05 Sunday
YUR Make any VR game a workout 🥊💪 772 2020-01-06 Monday
PayLor.Me 2.0 via Stripe Payments and subscriptions via a personalised link 170 2020-01-06 Monday
Tweetfalcon Analyze Twitter profiles for top user mentions and hashtags. 43 2020-01-06 Monday
Everlasting Wardrobe The first rental-clothing service for growing children! 239 2020-01-07 Tuesday
All Design Conferences A list of all front-end and design conferences 750 2020-01-08 Wednesday
Laitis PC voice control, text dictation, web browsing, scripts 80 2020-01-08 Wednesday
Libpixel One image, any size, every device. 388 2020-01-09 Thursday
Conversion Checklist Improve conversions and sales. 211 2020-01-09 Thursday
Emvi Knowledge management for companies and teams of all sizes 179 2020-01-09 Thursday
Design Password Easy to remember password generator for designers 75 2020-01-09 Thursday
Timelin9 Flexible, timeline-based web analytics 60 2020-01-10 Friday
Destato Clock + 1.1 A simple minimalistic digital clock extension for Chrome 32 2020-01-10 Friday
Up Ninja Simple and affordable uptime monitors and status pages 320 2020-01-11 Saturday
Beedii Hand drawn emoji font with 40+ emojis and icons 185 2020-01-11 Saturday
Shopafor Socially connected gift registry making gift buying easy 34 2020-01-11 Saturday
Airplus Advanced options for your Airbnb™ search 202 2020-01-12 Sunday
Calmind Be smarter, less stressed, and healthier—just by listening! 189 2020-01-12 Sunday
Marketer Magic Maximize traffic with a personal experience per visitor 36 2020-01-12 Sunday
Blnq Studio An online web development platform using HTML, CSS and JS 277 2020-01-13 Monday
Order Bump Display an irresistible offer in your Shopify Plus checkout 86 2020-01-14 Tuesday
Audio Snack Create snack-sized audio from your favorite movie or song 49 2020-01-14 Tuesday
Icons8 for Figma Find the perfect icon without ever leaving Figma 483 2020-01-15 Wednesday
Submarine Two More than a Reddit app. Desktop-quality multitasking for iOS 100 2020-01-18 Saturday
FrameIT Custom framing made simple 60 2020-01-19 Sunday
Personas Tool by FlowMapp Create beautiful Products 👨‍💻✨👩‍💻 748 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Do Not Be Square Record a free unique animated email signature in 3 steps 322 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Breathwrk Science backed breathing exercises 141 2020-01-21 Tuesday
Containers Web Wireframe Kit High-quality wireframe kit for design and prototyping. 657 2020-01-23 Thursday
Tappsk To-do list, habit tracker and reminder on a single screen 304 2020-01-23 Thursday
Changes Beautiful changelogs for saas products. 122 2020-01-23 Thursday
Bitkick Crypto trading designed better. 49 2020-01-23 Thursday
Bobby 3 Keep track of your subscriptions 526 2020-01-24 Friday
Vectary for Sketch Real 3D mockups and elements in Sketch 200 2020-01-24 Friday
Shake Light App that turns on the flashlight with a shake of the phone 47 2020-01-24 Friday
SmartLook Analyze user behavior in ways never possible before. 279 2020-01-25 Saturday
Olinkia Olinkia let's you easily save and organize your links 134 2020-01-25 Saturday
Duct The premier subcontract management platform, free to use. 144 2020-01-25 Saturday
TimerO Countdown timer with a different look for Shopify 92 2020-01-25 Saturday
sesh Super slick calendar bot for Discord 28 2020-01-25 Saturday
Contentful to Figma Enrich your Figma design with real data from Contentful 266 2020-01-26 Sunday
FontScan Rediscover all of your custom installed Windows fonts. 194 2020-01-26 Sunday
Fabrx Mobile Design System Design Beautiful Apps 536 2020-01-27 Monday